Urodynamic Studies
We have a dedicated Urodynamic lab with Biofeedback facility at MGM Hospital, Vashi for evaluating bladder function, capacity, pressures and sphincter muscle potentials in children with urinary incontinence. Dr singal personally supervises all the Urodynamic studies in children here.
Common disorders needing Urodynamic studies are:
    1. Neuropathic bladder (neurogenic also) secondary to spina bifida, cerebral palsy, trauma, tumours, sacral agenesis,
    2. Posterior urethral valves with valve bladder syndrome
    3. Hinman bladder- Non-neuropathic neuropathic bladder
    4. Children with day time bedwetting not responding to medical therapy
    5. Any child with post surgical suspected neuropathic bladder such as after anorectal malformation/ hirschsprung’s disease
Picture of Urodynamic lab at MGM Hospital, vashi.