Media Coverage

Media Coverage: Dr Singal has been featured regularly in National and City newpapers for his achievements as well as for community education. Here are few of the latest media snippets

Kidney stones affect kids even at 2, glare on lifestyle and food habits
Food habits, lifestyle lead to kidney stones in kids
Kidney Stones Show up in Kids
Kidney Stones Show up in Kids - 2
Calcium supplements to blame for kidney stones?
Nine-year-old gets new bladder in rare surgery
Rare Surgery On 15 Month Old
Nimble fingered genius, New Bombay Plus,Aug 14, 2008
City doctors take on Mehta issue, New Bombay Plus, Aug 9, 2008.
Live Operative workshop held in Vashi, New Bombay Plus, Jan15, 2008
Cutting edge technology saves baby HT Lives Nov 18,07
Mosiac Update - A Semi-annual Newsletter for Children Hospital Stecker Scholars
Now, Docs can zero in on sonograph for ultrasound device
Achievers, Express Healthcare, June 2007
Keyhole Surgery offers new hope. DNA healthline, May27, 2007
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Kidney Stone Clinic for children
Kidney stone Clinic for children has been started to disseminate information & knowledge to parents & families having children with kidney stones, treat children with kidney stones and initiate preventive measures to avoid r
Hypospadias foundation
  Hypospadias is one of the most common congenital malformations affecting upto one out of every 150 newborn male babies. Caring for children with hypospadias requires a lot of commitment from the family as
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