International Live Operative Workshop on Pediatric Urology, MGM Vashi, Jan 2008

ILOWPU was a resounding success due to an excellent teamwork. This was one of the biggest Pediatric Urology workshops in India and the first live operative workshop in Navi Mumbai. 110 delegates and speakers participated in 2 days of intense scientific deliberations. Over a period of two days international and national experts joined hands to operate on kids with pediatric urological disorders and also discuss the latest advances in the upcoming field of Pediatric Urology. All the surgeries were performed in MGMHospital, Vashi and transmitted live to auditorium at Navi Mumbai Sports Association. Two way live interaction was arranged between the auditorium the operation theatre.

The highlights of the workshop were:

  • 6 hypospadias repairs for various type of hypospadias and all were single stage repairs. Even 7 month old child with severest form of hypospadias (scrotal) was operated in a single stage.
  • 10 yr old boy with epispadias was operated.
  • Two approaches of minimally invasive pyeloplasty were demonstrated- Laparoscopic pyeloplasty and retroperitoneoscopic pyeloplasty.
  • Bilateral Laparoscopic Orchiopexy was performed in a one year old child.
  • Lecture of Robotic Surgery in Pediatric Urology by Dr Aseem Shukla, Pediatric Urologist from University of Minnesota.
  • Lecture on Vesico-ureteral reflux by Dr V.R.Jayanthi, Pediatric Urologist from OhioStateUniversity.
  • Lecture on Pyeloplasty by Dr D.K.Gupta, head of Deptt. Of Pediatric Surgery, AIIMS, New Delhi.
  • Panel discussion on interesting cases by national and international faculty.


I am very thankful to a motley bunch of people from all the different specialities who really helped to make this conference a huge success. Some of them are not even surgeons, still they gave their full effort to help us out. This is the wonderful organizing committee which made me realise my dream.

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Organising Committee


  • Sh. K.K.Kadam
  • Dr R.D.Bapat


  • Dr S.N.Kadam
  • Dr Subhash Hira
  • Dr G.Narshetty

Organising Chairpersons

  • Dr N.N.Kadam
  • Dr Kalyani Sen

Organising Secretary: Dr A.K.Singal

Organising Committee:

  • Dr A.K.Singal
  • D.B.Bhusare
  • Dr D.R.Daruwalla
  • Dr Vijay Yewale
  • Dr Bageshree Seth
  • Dr V.V.S.S.Chandrasekharam

OT Committee

  • Dr B.Birmole
  • Dr Manish Dubey
  • Dr P.Athale
  • Dr Ravindra Patel
  • Dr Sharad Sharma
  • Dr A.Kalyanshetty

Hosting committee

  • Dr A.K.Singal
  • Dr D.R.Daruwalla

Auditorium Committee

  • Dr A.K.Singal
  • Dr Jeetendra Gavhane
  • Dr Subhash Rao
  • Dr U.Kinjawadekar
  • Dr Shilpa Aroskar
  • Dr Jayant Rewatkar

Banquet Incharge

  • Dr Bageshree Seth
  • Dr Atul Seth

Reception committee

  • Dr Kalyani Sen
  • Dr Jeetendra Gavhane
  • Mr Vaibhav
  • Ms Meenakshi
  • Mr Ramsubbu
  • Ms Sushmit
  • Ms Rashmi

Postgraduates/ Residents- the backbone

  • Dr Vishesh Jain- AIIMS
  • Dr Vikram- Sion Hospital
  • Dr Ashok Laddha- Sion Hospital
  • Dr Prabudh-AIIMS
  • Dr Ramesh- Nair Hospital
  • Dr Satish- Nair Hospital
  • Dr Bratati, Dr Tushar, Dr Susan, Dr Mangai, Dr Aarti, Dr Viral, Dr Akshay- from MGM Medical College.
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