Index Cases

Caution: The following pages may contain images of reproductive organs and private parts. These have been presented for patient education and awareness. Discretion is advised before viewing these pages. Patient identity has been suitably concealed.

Case 1:   A boy with difficulty in passing urine and severe phimosis
Case 2:   A boy with undescended Testis (Cryptorchidism)
Case 3:   A girl with Labial Adhesions (Vulval Syncechiae)
Case 4:   A newborn with urinary retention due to Posterior urethral valve
Case 5:   A 20 month old boy with kidney stones managed with Mini-perc
Case 6:   A boy with kidney stone managed with ESWL
Case 7:   A boy with Pelvi-uretric junciton obstruction managed laparoscopically
Case 8:   A newborn with Antenatal Hydronephrosis and Pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction
Case 9:   A boy with distal penile hypospadias managed with single stage surgery
Case 10:   A boy with hypospadias with thin urethra
Case 11:   A boy with severe hypospadias
Case 12:   A case of acute scrotal swelling due to testicular torsion
Case 13:   A girl with vesicoureteral reflux treated endoscopically
Case 14:   A child with large bladder divetriculum
Case 15:   A boy with impacted urethral stone managed by PCCL
Case 16:   A child with disorder of sexual differentiation (Intersex)- CAH
Case 17:   A child with disorder of sexual differentiation 2
Case 18:   A girl who runs to the toilet frequently and wets- dysfunctional voiding
Case 19:   A boy with urinary incontinence due to sacral agenesis
Case 20:   A boy with spina bifida & neuropathic bladder managed with CIC and medicines
Case 21:   A child with Multicystic Kidney disease
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