A girl with vesicoureteral reflux treated endoscopically

A 4 year old girl presented with recurrent urinary infections at 2 years of age. A MCU showed bilateral grade II reflux into both kidneys. She remained infection free for next two years on antibiotics and other measures to control dysfunctional elimination syndromes.

A repeat MCU at 5 years of age showed residual reflux on both sides- which was grade II. Parents were counseled in details about the possibilities and options- continued anitbiotics vs cessation, surgery or a minimally invasive injection via cystoscopy called Deflux injection to cure the reflux.

Parents elected to have deflux injection on their child and she stopped refluxing after the injection and this was confirmed on check MCU after 3 months

Deflux injections represent the latest and the state of art therapy for persistent reflux. They are most effective in grade II or III reflux.

MCU showing bilateral reflux
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