A boy with distal penile hypospadias managed with single stage surgery
M.M. 7 months old boy was referred with complaints of abnormal looking penis and abnormal site of urinary opening. On examination, he had a condition called Distal Penile Hypospadias.
He was planned for a corrective surgery called – SINGLE STAGE URETHROPLASTY.
This is the appropriate age (6-9 months) for such surgeries as the final results are very good both cosmetically and functionally at such a young age.
The baby was taken up for surgery and he required only one day stay in the hospital. The dressing was removed on day5 and the catheter on day10.
At 3 months follow-up he has a normal looking circumcised penis with a urethral opening at the top of the glans.
Completed urethroplasty with Special Silicon catheter for diaper drainage Tegaderm dressing being applied at the completion of surgery
Important points about hypospadias:
  • Hypospadias is one of the most common anomalies worldwide.
  • The correct age for corrective surgery is between 6-9 months.
  • Most of the hypospadias can be corrected with a single stage surgery, rarely if the penis is too curved (chordee) or the skin is short or there is an associated disorder of sex differentiation, a two or a three stage surgery may be required.
  • The success rate of Single Stage Urethroplasty in correctly chosen cases is more than 95%.
  • Most common post-op problems (5%) are infection and formation of a fistula requiring a second surgery.
  • www.hypospadiasfoundation.com
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