A child with large bladder divetriculum
V.J., 6 months old boy came to the clinic with difficulty in passing urine and episodes of urinary retention. Clinically, the bladder was full and distended. An ultrasound was done but it was reported normal. A MCU (micturating cystourethrogram) was done to rule out any posterior urethral valves. It showed a large diverticulum (outpouching) arising from the base of the bladder and causing obstruction to the urine flow. Parents were explained in detail and the child underwent a surgery to excise the diverticulum.
A cystoscopy was done to evaluate the anatomy of the diverticulum and the diverticulum was excised completely with a transvesical approach.
Post-operatively the child recovered well and has been normal for last one year.
MCU showing Large Bladder Diverticulum behind bladder Opened up diverticulum showing ureteric opening within the Diverticulum
We have recently compiled the largest series of Bladder Diverticulum surgeries in children less than one year and Dr Singal presented it in 1st World Congress of pediatric Urology and Annual meeting of American Urological Association at San Francisco, USA in May 2010.
This project was been done in collaboration with Dr Chandrasekharam from Hyderabad.
Singal AK, Chandrasekharam VVSS: Lower Urinary tract obstruction secondary to primary bladder diverticulum in infants. Published in journal -  Pediatric Surgery International.
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